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vineri, 4 noiembrie 2011

A Why live? Why do we die?


Motto:,, our destiny (unlike the hell of Swedenborg and the hell of Tibetan mythology) is not scary because it's real, it is frightening because it is irreversible and iron.''
Jorge Luis Borges

Why is the universe? Why are we born? Why is there life? Why is there death? Why is love? Here are questions that seem absurd, because it is hard to find an answer to each question in this case loses its logic and meaning. You must appeal to what philosophers have called strong anthropic principle, a controversial principle in this concept supports the idea that all this (life, love, death) allow only a universe like ours (from multiple universes) existence of such beings who put their questions. Man is the only person who questions the existence and still small, begins with the fundamental question,, why?''In Thoughts, Blaise Pascal, attributing the words of an imaginary skeptic emits a strange paradox. ,, I do not know who brought me into the world, nor what the world is, or what am I myself. I live in a terrible ignorance about all this ... All I know is that we must die, but do not know all this death is just that I could avoid it''(Thoughts, p. 295).
Despite these skeptical views of Pascal will try, together with the reader, to know why? Everything in this world has a beginning and an end where the road makes a move back, feedback, a sketch of the palindrome generating eternal return, a start from scratch (seed stage where space and time are zero until the end), cut to zero or θ. Ttheta symbolizes Greek Thanatos, the god of death, end, nothingness.One Movement's return is given by just winding the DNA macromolecule, helical motion of the two strands, diametrically opposite, the double helix, which is opposites sides of information like a mirror that faces the chessboard.The two strands creatures looming polarity (male and female species) and the helical winding, spiral movement of life, without beginning, but the beginning, no end, but with breaks in each circle of the spiral is a generation that takes over and teaches over to the following. Movement is life eternal spiral rotation. This makes life spiral motion is without beginning and without end (for species), with beginnings and endings (for individuals), a history always repeats another time plan. Fertilization and birth in a way it is returned, in fact birth is a biological material upset, which reached the genital maturity or critical point of negentropy.As long as the sun warms the planet (not to exhaust energy) can not speak of an ocean of entropy and of leveling and homogenizing trend of differences in body-temperature environment. The sun emits photons with a minimum entropy and is radiated by the body, especially of animals, the increased entropy. Plants and creatures of the planet, the plants emit a minimum entropy, and therefore dominated the human food should be vegetable rather than animal.
In this context, Schrödinger's view is that the body of medium extract negative entropy from a sea of ​​increasing entropy. Man can not reported directly to the Universe, where the law works, but the immediate environment, namely, the sun, from which it receives indirectly through plants and animals that consume a minimum entropy and thus increasing the entropy of the universe is not due death, but increasing the entropy of each biological system (for reasons other than trees die because of entropy, because death is caused by accidents, parasites etc.. and not as a result of increased environmental entropy).If there is an internal issue of aging and death of trees, this is caused by failure of energy supply elements (water, nutrients), following lignificării (in a sense cell aging). The tree is closer to biological limits, the growth rate decreases and the branches have no vitality. In analogy with the death of animals or human, is an aging lignificarea. Death comes from within, from the fact that DNA has reached the last link of hydrogen and somatic cells no longer replicate. For species, death of individuals get older it becomes necessary for an individual human drama. Come to be the second law of thermodynamics for the inexorable degradation of matter, the purpose of accumulation of entropy? I think not. If entropy would, by accumulation, the death of a biological system, when all biological systems (all species) should die at age relatively close. However, live trees matusalemice age and ierboasele are perennial, while the older species in a relatively short time. Life is good and is related species, generally of reproductive age. Proven link between reproduction and life, naturally. Death of salmon or a species of salmon individuals Pacific immediately after fertilization, but also experiences the vinegar fly, which was extended life over several generations, from 14 days to 70 days, its reproduction amânându Every generation has proved the link between Eros and Thanatos.To remember the biblical myth, where Abraham, who, 110 years and Sara, 90 years, were given by God with a child - Isaac. Sarah lived to 127 years, Abraham died at 175 years,,, full of days''(Genesis [Genesis] 25, 7, 8).There, in each system, a law of entropy that grows inexorably. At least that physicists claim on the basis of the second law of thermodynamics. But what is entropy? Under the second principle of thermodynamics, the entropy of an isolated system measures the degree of ordering and disorder manifest system. The idea of ​​phase space explains. A single point or a compartment for biological systems, body explains. Increasing entropy of a compartment can not be other than the whole system, ie observable characteristics are identical. An old woman can not, for example, have sensual lips. However, the death of an individual's body is different from the other organs and may be even cause his death, even if other organs are healthy. Entropy increases with time, this means that as increases, the system tends to behave disorderly in the sense of manifest disorders suffered irreversible systems. Irreversibility refers to the process of an event that can not be resumed, and this time the system becomes inexorable and limited service life. Why a biological system go from secret order for the achievement phenotype and then to a constant or accelerated degradation and death?Roger Penrose argues that any system, including universities in the Big-Bang, based on minimum entropy. Universe reaches in the Big bang, a maximum entropy - 'primordial fireball''. But the primordial fireball is a very small point. When the explosion, the entropy is minimal. Organization begun based on a minimum level of entropy (tiny fireball turned into light) occurs first microscopic structure of matter - neutrons, protons, electrons, atoms, then the great galaxies and solar systems cosmic structures.By analogy, the phenomenon of fertilization starts from a minimum possible entropy, resulting in formation of stem cells, then the somatic and the first organ of a biological system. At birth, we believe that entropy fetus reaches a relatively close environment. If we were to take the effects of aging and death as entropy, we can hypothesize that aging and death is a general regularity of the universe. But living systems, in terms of entropy, have a paradoxical manifestation.Therefore, entropy can not explain why a dog rarely exceeding twenty years and is multicentenară turtle. In this situation negentropy proposed by Schrödinger, the organism-environment unit can not explain the phenomenon of aging and death.
In analogy with the behavior of large stars, whose lifetime is much shorter The star is larger, overweight bodies tend to succumb because of excess energy. A star in excess of 1.4 times the mass of the sun (admitted today, Chandrasekhar limit is 1.3 solar mass), it becomes a white dwarf as a result of accelerating nuclear processes.About 10 percent of white dwarf stars in the Galaxy are (Roger Penrose, 1989). A star above the sun their fuel consumption in less time. On these considerations, some researchers have found in obesity, premature death, emitting excess energy leads to the hypothesis that acceleration of cell division. Hence theories were built on the need to move to supply somatic cells with minimal energy, adopting the position of the so-called ascetic,,''economic regime, for braking cell division and preventing premature aging.It is said that obese suicide with a knife, fork and cup of alcohol (a boost of energy to cells). It is true that overweight are more prone to disease (one of the most common adverse effects of obesity and the increased blood pressure), but obesity does not explain aging and death of biological systems, either entropic vision nor speed on cell division.Elixir of eternal youth and life without death (philosopher's stone) was sought by alchemists obstinately Middle Ages, but in vain. The mystery of eternal life is, I think, in the immortal DNA.Genetic research tend to promote the idea that death is genetically programmed to each species. Some researchers, such as, 'Calloway American Gerontology concluded that aging is a process that begins during the prenatal, perhaps at conception, and it is a process that autofrânează''(V. Sahleanu - Man and aging , p. 122).Aging and death depends mainly on factors endogenous and exogenous factors of not only the moment of conception, although the moment of conception may be a factor influencing life, old age and death, meaning that the two genital disorders can,, ''catch, during mating and fertilization, a time of maximum or minimum cosmic energy. (There is thus a Romanian research on so-called cronotip).Otherwise, we can not explain the large differences in life expectancy, aging and death of brothers and sisters. We can not explain differences in life brothers and sisters with certain congenital diseases such as polycystic kidney sick, in which case some of the brothers and sisters get to dialysis, others not, and those who do not get to dialysis, living with more than life to those who are on dialysis. As brothers and sisters all come from the same genital only explanation, for which some are more longevity, while others die prematurely, energy load could be the moment of conception. It is only a hypothesis, based on my observations obtained empirical, without scientific foundation.The only brothers, whose life, aging and death is similar uniovulari are twins. On these considerations, the hypothesis that death is genetically programmed fatality has, therefore, an endogenous dominant, but is influenced by exogenous factors related to behavior, nutrition and living environment.Maintaining daily physical activity, mental, sexual of regular and some positive mental state (generated by the activities mentioned above), leads inherently to extend life. ,, According to WHO (World Health Organization), 75 percent of the deadly disease are clearly favored by exogenous causes, after the equation: = factor genetic disease + environmental factor''(Roger Fontaine - Psychology of Ageing, p. 32) .Factors most causes of incurable diseases are diet and physical inactivity. In case of inactivity, the brain, is the most harmful effects. Man was destined not only physical labor, but, above all, knowledge. However, waiver of thinking is equivalent to death. Do not think a man makes up an animal or vegetable, in which all activity reduces to food and waterUnder the second principle of thermodynamics, entropy blame lies with aging. Although not genetically programmed, biological matter as matter nevi, in support of information, suffer, according to the second law of thermodynamics of the so-called process of increasing disorder. In biological systems, the trend of increasing entropy, is canceled by the inherent reproductive new life that replaces the entropy increases. The fact that DNA is immortal and mortal bodies breeding, appears as a paradox of genetics. ,, Genes do not know senility and has three characteristics: longevity, fecundity and fidelity copy''(Roger Fontaine - Psychology of Ageing, p. 29). The tendency for good, which Aristotle speaks, to biological systems, can be seen as a better adaptation to the environment, continuous regeneration of beings, in a constant race survival by natural selection and genetic mutations. One thing must be clearly understood since the beginning: what we call the meaning of the categories of evolution, natural selection and genetic mutation, in terms of the genetic code means Self.Unlike artificial of computers, the ability to have natural autoprograma towards being the best, appropriate conditions offered by the ecosystem. When we talk about natural selection and genetic mutations, we talk about genetic code variable information Self species. No doubt, the information led to the being scheduled life on Earth. As I said, the genetic code is programmed information at the edge of chaos, genetic program, unique to all species, is composed of unchanging information, an invariant - stem tree of life, some changing, variable genes - the tree crown of life, if we DNA to resemble the tree of life in biblical myth. What can change the blind forces of nature is the variable part of the genetic code, not invariant. Genetic code, as we have seen, can not be generated by the matter, but information can not exist without material included in a structure, it can not be separated from matter, even the seed, although seed contains the largest amount of information embedded in a tiny grain of matter. Information, as I believe, is a spiritual (in the sense of information programmed smart) it is shaping biological forms and biological forms generated with each body and spirit, the mind of each brain at each species separately. Matter by itself can not generate spirit, but spirit is placed on a support called matter. Confusion, they are materialists, is to believe that life forms are generators of mind, but look, deliberately or not, that all life is generated by the genetic code, which is spiritual. And is a spiritual since this code is programmed information, ie a reason. However, the problem that arises, who led the genetic code, if the matter did not rise by itself? How information is a spiritual genetic code, I think a Spirit (a reason) has scheduled the matter in the universe. Blind forces of nature can not simply change the variable part of the code and it is this considered the programmer when he designed the genetic code as a scheduled news on the edge of chaos. Variable genes genetic code program gives organizations the freedom to adapt to any reasonable conditions. The special schedules bauplan invariant. Natural selection and mutations caused by the blind forces of nature can not affect the strain (invariant) maximum variable can change the genetic code for a better adaptation to changing environment.Forms of life remain so independent before a changing environment and can survive reasonably changing environmental conditions. Theory transformism vertical proposed by Darwin, the emergence of higher species by evolution, it is not plausible and can not be confirmed because such a world would be a world of absolute chaos, and in these circumstances, the world would not be viable . So far, we can not know with certainty that the great cosmic structures are arranged and set in motion the scheduled information, because information has not found a physical matter (although the analogy with string theory is the behavior of DNA), but the operation movement of large structures and their programming lead to the hypothesis of cosmic matter. However, in terms of biological structures, we have certain knowledge now, after the discovery of DNA, they are governed by information programmed. Operation cosmic structures of thousands and billions of years, becoming their analogous biological systems, lead us to the idea of ​​an ortho-information. What separates cosmic systems, which are non-living, biological systems which they say are alive? Some analogies between cosmic and biological self-organization, lead us to believe that behind this cosmic self-organization of matter is, as in the biological, all programmed information? What was long thought that the biological material is the soul that animates it was discovered that in fact is the genetic code. Without DNA or RNA can not be any being, no means no structure. ,, Even the simplest genetic protobionţi presented a program by which their metabolic activity was controlled and directed''(Petre Raicu - Origin of life, genes and evolution, p. 25).Without information there can be scheduled and becoming organized movement of cosmic matter. We can not speak without the existence of a program of self-organization information. Autoorganizării endogenous causes related material information and not synergistic conglomerate of matter, such as Rayleigh experience - Bernard, which were generated pattern sequence sites, cooperating molecules. Biological structures do not differ too much on autoorganizării of the cosmic, not only in that matter of which are structured is something like,, powder of stars''says Paul Davies, but also because they are ordering and a similar structure.
Autoorganizării Physics in nonequilibrium open systems to give us life-like behaviors. About living structures known to be coordinated by a scheduled information. However, remains an enigma: what separates the living from neviu? In every direction we look, galaxies appear to us as well, but stellar systems that compose them, are different. Encoded information to be different from that of the living? Schrödinger proposed for living systems, the principle of order in order, feeding negative entropy aperiodic solid and microcode. But we get all the DNA, the information programmedThese structures are coordinated by information programmed, although the living and non-viable is the critical point of coordination and instability (to remember that stars are born and die, the universe expands, the pairs of quantum particles can not be simultaneously measurable ) which leads to the thesis programming information, the whole matter, on the edge of chaos.But if living matter and information programs nevi are structured, what separates them? I think most ingenious answer to this question, not given Schrödinger, but Plotinus. This seems to have mystical pagan closest to the idea of ​​programming by his conception of the divine spirit. ,, If we analyze each form itself in itself, because we find them inside this form. For if that which is inert and lifeless has absolutely no question of where it might gain that which is form and belongs to the Spirit? And if I say that because the form gets his Spirit, this question could not be separated from being form, since form is identical with Spirit''(Plotinus - Enn. VI 7, 2, 18). Now, we know precisely that meaning being, that is what we call life, body, matter or form of life living and non-living matter distinguish it clearly is the genetic code. Life exists only in form and life form is generated by the genetic program. Microplasma Even the simplest organism, found in the lungs of sheep and humans, has a form. The bacterial form is generated by about 600 genes proteins by standard mechanisms. As Plotinus says, the spirit (genetic information, DNA) is the cause of beings that can not be separated from being form. Genetic program can not be separated, is inseparable from the support material. Any spirit, however refined it may be, needs to exist, the support material. If the light is more subtle structure of matter, the beings of light (if they exist?) Have the support material for information that gives shape - light. But they are living beings of light or non? Photon field is alive? No! But it has a fundamental contribution to the birth and existence of life. Perhaps photon transition is the material element of living and neviu. The biblical myth playing a chronological evolutionary scenario, the emergence of life, which exceeds, by far, the logical Darwinian visions: light green, grass seed, trees, marine animals, then the land and eventually humans. In conclusion, life has not appeared in the ocean, as is believed, in the so-called primordial soup, but dry plants first appeared through the process of photosynthesis, photon acting as reproductive organ. So I believe that the photon must be sought which separates the living from neviu.Word of genetic programming is not only but also to reproduce by meiosis and mitosis process - that of sex. Reproduction has been found in bacteria and is called the conjugation process, a miming of sexuality, called parasexualitate, sex is determined by the presence or absence of plasmid F (the male with the plasmid). A bacterium attaches to a male and female is the transfer of information (Carlan Marius, Şteofil Creanga - gender determinism, p. 11).Without sex, the living is no longer alive. Therefore fundamental to the existence of the living, not just DNA but also sex - reproductive organ. Pre-existing genetic program and has emerged as a necessity of evolution? Geneticists have not yet responded. So the soul that gives life program is partly genetic, partly sex. Here, Plotinus makes a brilliant insight, that the duality in unity. Genetic information can not be separated from the shape, material body. However, some researchers as a result of laboratory experiments, as for example Stuart A. Kauffman, are not fully convinced, the possibility of a microcode which directs the ontogenesis''as he Schrödinger. From the beginning, Kauffman is purely materialistic stance, refusing the order of Schrödinger's order''. He supports the idea that the last source of order and reproduction could be ordered collective dynamics of complex reaction systems, ie the phase transition sets of molecules autocatalictice open thermodynamic systems, bringing as mathematical systems boolean arguments which, a critical number is autocatalizează synergistically. , Taking into account the collective molecular systems autocatalictice probably converging in state space large enough to absorb the fluctuations in these systems, potentially due to small numbers of children for each type of molecule in the metabolism of collective reproduction. If so, then the stable structure of solids larger aperiodice (DNA) is neither necessary nor sufficient for the emergence of life and the necessary order of the genetic variation on which selection can operate successfully''(Michael P. Murphy, Luke AJ O 'Neill - What is life, the next 50 years, speculation on the future of biology), (Stuart A. Kauffman - What is life? He was right Schrödinger? Technical Publishing, Bucharest, 1999, p. 96). Thus, he argues, the emergence of life is out of the beautiful properties of patterns of DNA and RNA, but the real roots of life they are the catalysts in combinatorial chemistry. ,, Phase transition theory which I sketched a sufficiently complex systems suggests that the polymer can crystallize catalictici autocatalictice reaction networks spontaneously without intelligent design by a chemical network structure''(ibid. p. 84 ).Kauffman's theory is seductive, but that such reactions can lead to life forms, only the more an organic substance like coacervatelor (Jong 1932, Oparin 1957), or microspheres protenoide or model of micelles, but these did not survive the critical analysis on defining emergence ancestorilor protobianţi. Even microplasmei example, considered to be the simplest form of life, has 600 genes ordering.Philosopher Vasile Conta expressed from the same materialistic, somewhat the same idea, although to a mechanistic-naive general forms, but no less seductive than Kauffman's. According to Theory of fatalism, Vasile Conta said, 'pure mechanical forces, physical and chemical form inorganic material is moving transformează the physiological forces took shape when the organic matter itself''(Vasile Conta - fatalism theory, theory ondulaţiunii universal Ed Junimea, Iasi, 1995, p. 17). What major difference could be found among the principle autoorganizării Kauffman's spontaneous and mechanical principle of transformation of Conti's forces? Can be generated by life form programmed information is absolutely necessary. So, despite the negation of Kauffman is required by a chemist designing intelligent network structure.Not only that, the Austrian physicist was right, but his intuition appears to us in terms of discovery of the genetic code, as brilliant as the difference between living and proposing neviu solid aperiodic (DNA) and microcode. Based on these observations one can accept the idea that death is a general law in the universe, but it is scheduled, not a fatalist, but at the edge of chaos, for each species. Vasile Conta imagine his life as a spreading movement where in three phases, in semicircles, which outlines the shape of clover leaf - with a branch suites, a climax and a descending branch, and every move would include other sub-where, so all biological material would evolve into a permanent wave process. See that the Romanian philosopher what he called the evolution of a body (ibid. p.220). Located exclusively materialistic positions, account not understand (and it is understandable century in which he lived) that what matters is the information moves scheduled, implanted on a support material called (genetic code), which configures the forms and determine the entire evolution, from birth to death, in a perpetual spiral motion, the image of the DNA macromolecule. Stages of a matter being well observed, with branch suite, which has significance in terms of current growth and development, climax, equivalent to maturity and descending branch, with old age and death. Basically, these are the phases of being and are, as noted Vasile Conta, fatalistic. Irreversibility and irrevocability fatality resulting from the evolution of a being, an eternal spiral motion, eternal return, in which history repeats itself and is always another, or how Eminescu says that an army passing scene always remains the same, only the actors change and,, behind the scenes of life is a director, whose existence we can not explain''(M. Eminescu - Poor Dionis). The same vision and André Maurois express the novel family circle -, the prologue will see a wire puller, with a huge white beard. [...] I will triumph puppeteer, puppet breaking rebel ... And then all the strings are there again ...''. The same ideas are expressed Eminescu in Color:,, Future and pastThere are two sides of the tab,N view to end earlyWho knows how they learn how;Everything has been or will beCurrently we have it all''Information is scheduled by invariant and deterministic hazard by genes subject variables and information gained from the environment.Spiral movement of life is determined as each being a history yet to be repeated at the same time, other.If life movement would be in spirit and would run cyclically, in a closed circle, would correspond to a completely deterministic world, and that, fatalistic, which would make its existence impossible.If the world would not be in a certain proportion of the program, so deterministic, then it would be subject to absolute chaos, which again would result in an impossible existence. A world completely deterministic or completely subject to chance is impossible.No philosophy does not deal with the world as absolutely fatalistic or absolutely chaotic. Existentialist idea, in case of Jean Paul Sartre, namely that, 'everything starts with contingent''(nausea) or that existence precedes essence''is merely a way to soothe anxieties before a universe , existentialist perceived as being absurd and irrational. Existenţialiştii have created a philosophy of thinking, but have expressed an emotional lament, to Father absence and lack of rational sense of the universe.Therefore, there can only be scheduled world on the edge of chaos. Genetic code itself is a scheduled news on the edge of chaos, with an invariant, which keeps bauplanul species and a variable phenotype which confers individuality. The issue is that if the universe operates scheduled at the edge of chaos, such a subtle programming requires a programmer. This results in the need for very high accuracy of primary events. , The precision with which the universe must start from the start in race is no less extraordinary precision that we see in her usual superb dynamic equations (Newton's, Maxwell, Einstein) that govern the behavior of things in each moment''(Roger Penrose - our mind that every day, p. 614).Even if the matter would autoprograma by itself, again the question remains: who created matter? Whether these programs has dissolved his own creation, as trying to promote the idea some myths, through self-sacrifice of the Creator, and some philosophers, even of the rationalist, like that of Spinoza (God or Nature) or that God is beyond creation. The deduction of Plotinus thinks, If thinking is the world of Forms contains in it a multiplicity and diversity that prevents the unit to be first. It must be assumed, beyond it, the existence of absolute units, a principle which is in such a One that no longer thinks of himself.'' But, says Plotinus, it is only one argument, which remains always in the plane of consciousness and reflection''(Pierre Hadot - Plotinus or the simplicity of the eye, p. 91). Intelligence material (information program), advertising undoubtedly beyond self-created Big Bang entity. Appellants creator god (Fernando Savater - eternal life, Richard Dawkins - Chimera faith in God) does not explain and can not explain how matter, in itself, self-managed to create such a program, determining that the universe and the world to operate scheduled edge of chaos, in an eternal balance of determinism and chance makes possible viability of this world.Inclined to believe that the proportion of gold to the functioning of the world is 66-70% and 30-34% random determination, or, to reiterate the philosophical concepts of 66-70% and 30-34% contingency requirement. In fact, this program, which will call a model of creative middle way, is all natural and organic structures.The proportions set resulting from primordial material composition. According to standard theory of big bang, the composition consists essentially of 77 percent (by weight) hydrogen, and about 23 percent helium and small amounts of other materials. For these reasons, we reject the theory,, ortoexistenţei''concepts,, depth of the material world'', a,, ring material world'', has lumaţiei''(primary energy that would join and would informateria give rise to the universe), issued by Mihai Draganescu, because we lead, inherently, the same vicious circle, (who created and informateria lumaţia and how they united?).Michael Draganescu concept was based on the model of evolutionary theories of union with protein amino acid enzyme. In this idea, we have to go back to the mythical intuition that, in terms of current scientific knowledge, we appear shockingly realistic and mathematicians and physicists present seem to be more strongly trapped by the idea, 'cosmic consciousness preexistence ''(Roger Penrose - our mind that every day, 2006, Roman Chirila - WC, p. XIV).Do not go on Blaise Pascal's wager, which, of course, masks a religious sense of logic infinite-Rien (in the sense of the Creator rather bet because betting on him, do not lose anything if he does not exist, while if bet that he does not exist, but there, you lose everything), but the discoveries of mathematics, physical geometry and quantum physics. A strong argument, to which they subscribe, mathematician Roger Penrose brings. Convinced Platonist, English mathematician says, 'mathematical truth is absolute, eternal new exterior and is not based on subjective criteria, and objectives of its own eternal mathematical existence of human society depends not or certain physical objects'' (Roger Penrose - our mind that every day, 2006, p.196).If the mathematical sciences are eternal, that they are independent of our minds and are not creations of the human mind, then whose are? Of matter? You must be completely malevolent and absurd idea not to see platonic and not accept a creative intelligence, beyond this matter.Galileo observed that if the cabin of a ship there were flies, butterflies and fish in a large pot with water and the ship would stay in place, normal behavior of living things, whether the ship would start and would move at a speed constant, things were going well.The same happens in the case of Earth. Although the Earth's rotation around its axis cause dynamic effects, they are relatively small (as for example different wind shift in the two hemispheres) and the effects are not felt by the inhabitants began movement planet Earth while traveling at constant speed several hundred thousand kilometers per hour. There is felt constant speed, but acceleration. If the Earth would be accelerated or slowed it, life would not be possible.Kepler found that planetary orbits are elliptical and not circular, and the force of attraction is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. A lot of other coincidences that are not random, but logical in terms of physics, geometry, theory of relativity and quantum physics come to strengthen the hypothesis of a super creative.Vasile Conta fatalism theory faces of the general movement of the world spiral which shows that the world was due to exist and operate, not absolutely deterministic, but according to a program (ie genetic program), but the information programmed in edge of chaos, a program with variables, the invariant bauplan generating the species remains unchanged, the stem of the tree of life, and individuals vary, as its branches. The program includes general, the fixed form of the species and the particular, the variable genes of each organism.Winding the helix of the DNA macromolecule thus answer the problem posed by Kant antinomian - that sentence: the world has a beginning in time and space is limited, and antithesis, has no beginning and no limits.The egg, the information is at rest, outside space and time or, rather, space and time are zero as the field of black holes, so it has a beginning. The starting point of a space time being, corresponds to the time of fertilization. Then the clock starts ticăiască and space beings enter into expansion. We conclude, along with Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose, two British scientists who developed the theory that black holes, space-time had a beginning in the Big bang.If we make an analogy of the egg with the Big Bang we see striking similarities. There is a unique African myth that sees the universe as a kinetic rise, from an egg. ,, More rarely, however, the more fascinating, myth creation is kinetic: an African god of the primordial chaos momentum prints whose spin Increasingly there is a gigantic egg, split into two halves by itself, as the action of a centrifugal forces, and the two halves became two contrary principles, always spinning around one another, maintain balance in the universe''(Victor Kernbach - essential myths, pp. 19-20).At the start of the program genetic space tends to expand (in the mitotic cell division generates space) and start with the first division and also the countdown time and space-time generating body. Any material generates, therefore, with the birth of her space-time.For the world to perpetuate indefinitely, it is necessary to be continually recycled material. Without this recycling is likely to deteriorate with the information they support - while suffering material degradation, according to the second principle of thermodynamics.Matter at rest (the seed) is more difficult degradable, because it is in absolute rest, but once fertilization produced offspring, the three curves is proposed by philosopher Iasi, in the theory of universal ondulaţiunii.Fundamental curve of life is the climax, it corresponds to all creatures, with fertilization. Once submitted to the DNA, the former being become useless for life. With the fulfillment of the fundamental mission of the body life begins, says Conta, descending curve. As eternal life movement to continue, death becomes absolutely necessary in the universe.Death! Who said about death that is the opposite of birth? Death is the opposite of reproduction, we could say that death, if man is the opposite of love. If we observe nature, both vegetable and animal, fertilization and death are events fatalist. The fundamental mission of life, I would say, the entire biological existence is reproduction.In fact, what is transmitted through fertilization, is the genetic program. What is sperm and egg? A tiny amount of matter, which is shown an immense amount of information scheduled. If we were to make an analogy with artificial intelligence (AI), we could see sperm and egg that half of the DVD that come together in mitosis and designing a new computer as being the future.With the onset time of fertilization and mitosis process is started and during the new being. Each bit of information, the genetic program used, is practically a new point of time of being there. Genetic program, once triggered by fertilization, generate new space-time being and time being. Second moment of fertilization is zero when, for the new being, the countdown begins.For this reason, the French philosopher Vladimir Jankélévitch, says that time is incompressible and irreversible. The life of a being appears as a movie, which immediately began to run, can not be resumed. ,, Life lived, says the philosopher, like running a movie we are witnessing for the first time that I have not never seen fully developed, the images and sequences that the viewer scrolls on the screen and receives visual impressions as they succeed, waiting for an unknown outcome''(Vladimir Jankélévitch - irreversibility and nostalgia, p. 24).The film, perhaps more, to be played in slow motion or accelerated by the person concerned or stopped, but can not be resumed. Man can kill with a knife, fork and cup by excess, by physical and mental inactivity, speeding up or slowing down the action of specific diseases destroy the weighted food, mind and body through sport. For this reason, I can not agree with his view that time is incompressible Jankélévitch.Vision of life as an ongoing film was brilliantly described by M. Eminescu, philosopher (as poet signed on 29 May 1870, the album association Romania), Color poem, which see it as a play (not shown film the time of):,, For the same meansEach subject thereAnd for thousands of yearsWorld's cheerful and sad;Other masks, same playOther openings, the same range,''

In this vision, our man is in a position of actor and spectator simultaneously. No one, no creature, no human being, once born, can not return in the past. Therefore, for every man, very important for a fast destiny, is that once the child eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, ie the time of removal from childhood and maturity, but even more, when banished from heaven parental and become independent, to maintain a constant state of lucidity, to commit an error not fatal, it is impossible to correct. Bitter regrets will be useless for life (for example, HIV infection in a moment of erotic euphoria).Jankélévitch says that man's will remain powerless in the face of irreversibility. A miracle that can perform a human being, is to return in time to avoid the error correction or, irrevocability who designed a bad destiny. All biological existence on the planet now live in a continuous, at the crossroads between past and future. Only the distance of stars and sun are seen by us in a virtual past sunlight, for example, reaches us in about eight minutes and a half, and the stars in light years. We see their past in our present state.Corresponds fertilization implantation genetic code of each species, a fatality which sent creatures at any cost DNA. In many species is achieved at the cost of life genitors, for example salmon, octopus, etc.., As Richard Dawkins has described in his book, A river went out of Eden, 'a species of salmon in the Pacific, by laying eggs takes place sudden and dramatic aging''(V. Sahleanu - Man and aging, p. 86).Therefore, if man, as long as they maintain sexual function and vitality is maintained, the sexual function has ceased its activity accelerates aging. When Eros dies saving Tanathos comes like a god. A possible answer that emerges from the question of why we live, is that we live for perpetuating the species.But all creatures have this ultimate purpose. We humans just to live it? No! We, in the words of Lucian Blaga, unless we understand the meaning of life, we must give a meaning, ie to find them or give them a sense, otherwise we are like leaves in the wind. To live for something, says Socrates, is more important than simply living. To live for something we do to get out of animality, of subhuman, makes people even more than men. For what is giving us closer to divinity and creativity.Genetic information is programmed, that binds fatally, any body to send DNA into the future. The Selfish Gene, as we say famous English biologist Richard Dawkins, it needs to support conservation again, we are some survival machines - robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes''(Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene, 1976).Once the DNA transmitted genitorii lose biological usefulness, especially for species which have no useful role in learning and no offspring, as is the case with salmon, octopus or salmon, and once they have submitted genitorii eggs, ie eggs, galloping older and die, seemingly without a particular case.In mammals, where it takes learning exercise offspring survival, life genitors is extended until they have matured. For these reasons, we can say that death is not the opposite of reproduction and birth.Observation of biological aging, we deduce that something happens to biological material that undergoes degradation, degeneration. She suffers from this degradation for support information, namely, matter-energy cell is no longer renewed and not be renewed because the genetic program is coming to an end, he used the information. With each cell division the DNA loses a hydrogen bond. When the last hydrogen bonds, linking chains is broken somatic cell division ceases. It is different from one organ to another, being faster or slower depending on the needs of the body and the amount of energy to food. The fact that the most frequent causes of death due to circulatory system shows that the most requested. It is the first system is formed in the first phenotype and usually out of use (high blood pressure, clogged arteries or sclerosis, etc.)..And physical, also suffer material degradation. There galactic center material recycling machines, which generate new galaxies in a so-called,, baby universe''. I think it is the role of black holes in the universe. Birth is in some sense a turning upside down of matter. Recycling of matter in black holes, then, as with biological birth, a turning upside down of matter (S. Hawking, 1988, S. Weinberg, 1977 J. Merleau-Ponty, 1978). Material degradation in the body is observable, it is suspected universally and rationally deduced. For selfish gene remain intact, it must change periodically, informational support. Otherwise, with the degradation of damaged and information support. Even if DNA is immortal, even if genes have longevity, fecundity and fidelity of the copy, in old age is unable DNA somatic cells also divide.Therefore, make copies of old age is to transmit information to the characteristics of body condition at that age. The sea woman, H. Ibsen, compared to 18 years, sees the absurd idea to marry one of his teachers, considered as,,, very old'', although he was 38 years (V. Sahleanu - Man and aging , p. 107).One of the frequent complaints, of Baudelaire, the poet for his destiny damned bad, was that his father conceived a young mother in old age. Yet today's girls are thrown blindly into the arms of wealthy elders. Sea front in this regard was a lucid. Rarely resist a marriage, with larger differences between male and female 5-7 years. Biological age difference, too, has negative consequences for offspring. The best offspring is generated when genitorii are close in age like biological and physical, psychological, mental and spiritual.Imagine the body of any living creature as a bio-computer, the seed (sperm and egg) as two halves of DVDs that merge information programs, fertilization and the being is analogous to placing a DVD into a new computer, more powerful and better adapted to the environment, according to human civilization continues to become (to consider children's performance in relation to mature generations, the emergence of new technologies, adults, amazed at the performance plozilor assimilate very quickly to new technology, says about children that would be born with the umbilical cord directly connected to the computer).The seed (the sperm and ova) is implanted state information with genital body until fertilization, when fertilization genitor body condition should be optimal health stage: fertilization is viable if the body is fully matured. What Darwin said the fittest law was understood wrongly. He referred to the fitness of reproductive ability (in general, reproduction occurs in most species, the middle biological age when bodies are at the maximum level of vitality).Why is no need to transfer DNA to generate a new body? Learning and adapting to climatic changes, if human beings to adapt to the cultural environment of civilization reached by the world.Do butterflies remember Biston, betularia, used in many scripts, as examples of industrial melanismului, adaptation to the environment of the twentieth-century England. Melanie mutations shows that genes can autoprograma variables. However, this information Self is manifest in phenotype than in generations. The generation genitors would be impossible since such changes have already expressed genes in the phenotype.Information received from the environment or from contact with other species, no essential changes occur, but secondary, which does not affect the species invariant. For these reasons, the Darwinian doctrine of evolution that transformism or vertically, is obsolete. Changes can take place only in genetically variable (horizontal only), not invariant species. So man did not evolve from monkeys, by transformism or evolutionism and must seek other origins.The seed genitors, but included information on environmental change. As previous research showed, the flow of information is the reverse, that is, from medium to DNA, DNA not only to the being in the environment.Each batch of sperm and each egg can receive the variable genes, additional information, so that at least the species born a baby or two, as for example in humans, brothers and sisters do not like each other than with twins uniovulari .Therefore, any genetic program has a stock of information invariant generating general form of the species and gene variables and generates single body which individualizes it. Therefore, we believe that the entity (creator, programmer, God, the Demiurge or whatever you call it), or who has designed this ingenious DNA implanted these fatalities of life: fertilization and death, Eros and Thanatos, the movements are eternal.Once generated new bio-computers, genitorii get older they become, not only useless for existence, but even insurmountable burden vieţuirii. If, hypothetically, would live forever would take the space-time of the offspring would consume their metabolic means, which would lead to chaos of existence and would succumb to a world in itself. Therefore, death as fertilization, the two opposites of life, are absolutely necessary existence. These are two fatalities genetically programmed without which existence in general and biology, in particular, would be impossible. But the man wanted eternal life. For this reason, man should be God himself. When man will be able to eat from the tree of life, as the biblical myth says, he will live forever. God stopped the Bible, to eat of the tree of life, after eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But man discovered the tree of life - DNA. Arguments, more exercise lately come to support the thesis of human evolution to life eternal.References:1. V. Sahleanu - Man and aging, Romanian Encyclopedic Publishing House, Bucharest, 19712. 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