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vineri, 13 aprilie 2012




Of all the seasons I love the forest, spring. Spring is the season for knowledge, love and magic illusions as giving life. Perceive with the senses at a climax, pulsation nature, hear and observe firavii buds exploding hatchet as competing with infinite colors of the sky, see and hear their cries in the forest birds singing love - living charm, letting it on the potential partner ( a) that is ready for mating ritual. It hormonal explosions sign - Aries. But where is the man? Where's the man and woman? Spring open all the miracle of love. Those who have forgotten that love is a miracle suffer from migraines and spring asthenia.
Suddenly, in the middle of the woods, I awake from its long sleep dogmatic: to hell with everything! It's so happy, spring, in nature. I feel like the flavor of the sap rises in the soul. I must return in the spring of life! Any time, any season does not give extra charm to spring life. But how to go back to childhood?
SpringLucian BlagaHe knows. Loving.Inc. once and and again,to know, means its winterto love's spring.To love - it comesfar stronger in me.To love - it comesfar stronger in you.He knows. Loving.
What's the road you ndeamnă?Knowing - means its what?To love - why you're afraidincluding, in large flowers and grass?The flowers in the sea-grass,passion without sinWe flip-n infinitethe uproar and zealre-ncarnate bee.Inc. once and and againto love's spring.
BRANCH stolen by Pablo Neruda ... "We'll sneak in the night / to steal / branch-blooming / / We will jump the wall / garden inside a foreign / second shadow in shadows / / We enter into the night / we get to her firmament Trembling / and lower your hands, and my hands / will steal the stars ... / / And I tiptoe / in our house / by night and shade / will enter with your steps / Step move the fragrance / and down-nstelate / clear body of spring "...


Basil Anton,  Iassy - Romania April 12, 2012

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